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Local Discount Savings is doing something nobody is doing anywhere in the world. We are combining Digital Smart Coupons or Offers wtih Digital Advertising, a Mobile App, and Streaming Television to showcase your business to everyone in the community including those visiting your community. We want to drive 100's if not 1000's of new customers to your business every single month. We are keeping your business top of mind to all your prospective customers. And we are turning new customers into loyal frequent customers. And best of all, we are doing it at less than the cost of a single fast food meal per day.


  • $249/mo to reach the entire community including visitors

  • Smart digital coupons and offers

  • Digital Advertising

  • Great user experience as smart coupon stays on mobilie phone

  • Business knows ROI real time using our tracking technology

  • Business is able to build a list digitally and market to them

  • Besides the digital directory, we also create a streaming TV channel on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire for your community and showcase your business on tv locally, nationally, and internationally


  • $300/mo to reach 10,000 households

  • Archaic paper coupons and cut out ads

  • Mail Advertising

  • Poor user experience as customer must hold onto coupon

  • Business cannot really track ROI

  • Business cannot build a list of customers

  • Everything is paper. That means the coupon or offer has to get in your mailbox, you have to look through the envelope or magazine, cut out the offers you want, make sure you keep them on you at all times. Your business is not top of mind

Imagine Getting 100's Of New Customers Every Month


1550% ROI


930% ROI

Auto Shop

1085% ROI


7751% ROI


852% ROI

What We Stand For

    Respect First

    Respect comes in so many forms.  Respect for ourselves, respect for our community, respect for our clients, respect for how we do business.  Local Discount Savings is not perfect and never will be.  But the journey is never about perfection, it is about growing and improving and respecting all that goes into this thing called life.

    Conscious Choice

    We live out of conscious choice, empowered by education and self-knowledge.  We try things, we experiment, we choose to continue to grow and to learn.

    Powerful Responsibility

    We are never powerless.  We know that our choices, our questions, our decisions will always give us the power we need.  We can't always control our surroundings and our circumstances, but we do know that we have the ultimate responsibility for our own lives and our choices in life.  And we refuse to give our power away to anyone or anything as this is our life, and we get to make it whatever we would like it to be.

    We Are The Change

    The most profound movements always start with just a few.  We are thrilled to be that few.  We are excited to walk down a different path.  People don't need fear and uncertainty, they need positive examples in this world.  The greatest thing you can show someone, is you happy, energetic, excited, and at peace without fear, living your best life.

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The most innovative, effective and cost effective way to advertise your business and keep you at top of mind to your customers.


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