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Supporting Communities And

Impacting Businesses

Local Discount Savings is showcasing local communities and businesses across America and making a huge impact on their growth. Let's grow your business and help your community next.

Case Studies


Our business shot through the roof when we joined Local Discount Savings. Not only did our business increase 30%, but we added their VIP/Loyalty Club and added !00's of new customers every month which we now can market too.

1550% ROI


We used to advertise in magazines and those other platforms using paper coupons. Not only did Local Discount Savings increase my business, my patients are thrilled being able to redeem our offers using their cell phone.

930% ROI

Auto Shop

Local Discount Savings has substantially boosted our business. Our business has increased 18% since we joined. Every month we have an influx of new customers coming to our shop.                                        

1085% ROI

Sub Shop

We advertised in local magazines and had coupons consumers could cut out.  They told us they hated to have to cut them out and carry them around.  We also had no way of calculating our ROI.  All that has changed.  We are thrilled with Local Discount Savings.

420% ROI


We have increased our business by at least 20% since joining Local Discount Savings.  We love that it automatically tracks our ROI so we see every month what a great investment we have made.                                                                                

852% ROI


Joining Local Discount Savings was one of the best decisions we ever made.  We are getting at least a couple new roof jobs every single month.  I've never had more success with any other advertising platform.                                                              

7751% ROI

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