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About Rob



Rob Herget is the Founder and President of Local Discount Savings. He has been an entrepreneur since being a young boy.

Rob has been involved in marketing for 40 years and have helped local businesses take their business to new levels. He loves marketing because it lets him be creative and think outside the box on creating value for his clients.

Rob was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Loves to play golf and tennis, travel, cook, and especially spend time with his 2 grown boys and 2.5 yr old granddaughter.

I believe that everyone has the ability to make their life whatever they want it to be, no matter their circumstances, the demographics, and their background. I love helping business owners take their businesses to increased levels they have never seen.

My view on business is all about creating value for the client. If I can help you grow and be more profitable, chances are, we are going to have a long term business relationship. In 40 years of doing just that, many of my clients have turned into great friends as well. It's all about integrity, creativity, and creating value.




Rob at 7 years old and getting ready to go on his grandmother's TV Show all about animals.


Spent 4 months in college studying in 10 countries throughout Europe which gave him a very broad view of the world as well as appreciating experiences.


Started working with his father in the insurance business as a sophmore in college and here sitting on his a brand new Toyota Supra he bought his senior year of college. Rob partnered with his father in the insurance business when he graduated college in 1985 and ended up buying his father out of the business in 1992.


He had sold the insurance company and started several new businesses. Here Rob is being interviewed in Atlanta on the radio about his business MonkeyDough that raises money for schools, non profits, and youth leagues all over America.


What started as a small child on TV at age 7 is back again with his own Streaming Television Network on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV showcasing businesses in communities all across America.

The Future

Creating value to businesses everywhere, and making a positive impact on the world



  • No More Archaic Paper Coupons

  • Digital Advertising

  • Better User Experience

  • Showcasing Businesses In The Community

  • Combining Digital Advertising, Social Media, Mobile App,  And Television

  • Ridiculously Low Investment


I have spent a lifetime learning from my mistakes!

If my businesses can grow to whole new levels using this technology and these proprietary strategies, yours can too.

Local advertising no longer has to cost exorbitant sums of money to be effective

The most innovative, effective and cost effective way to advertise your business and keep you at top of mind to your customers.


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